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Look back and celebrate

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pope Benedict's visit to England and Scotland, we have prepared some resources and reflections to help us re-visit those historic days in 2010. Here you will find a theme for each of the three days from 16-18 September and a section looking to the future. 16 September focuses on the re-establishment of the practice of Friday penance, 17 September is a day to encourage celebration in our parishes and homes and 18 September marks Home Mission Sunday when we will pray for the work of evangelisation and reflect on our response to the Lord’s invitation to share our faith.

anniversary messages


In this section you will find Papal Visit Anniversary messages from the Bishops of England and Wales, the Prime Minister, the Archbishop of Canterbury and a special message from Pope Benedict XVI.

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Friday Penance

16 September 2011

Friday is set aside as a special day of penitence, as it is the day of the suffering and death of the Lord. The Bishops of England and Wales believe it is im... Read more


17 September 2011

17 September is a day to celebrate. We are encouraging people to celebrate with their families or parishes. Whether you attended a Papal event or watched it... Read more

Home Mission Sunday

18 September 2011

On 18 September we turn our attention to Home Mission Sunday when we pray for the work of evangelisation in our countries and reflect on our response to the... Read more


Next Steps

Pope Benedict’s historic visit to the UK created lifelong memories. His four day visit was a time of grace, but one year on, the question on many people’s hearts and minds within the Catholic Community is, what next? How can we build on what was received? How can we contribute to the mission of the Church?

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