Archbishop's message

In a video message released ahead of the anniversary of the Papal Visit and Home Mission Sunday, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols has invited Catholics to participate in a special weekend of celebration.

The Archbishop of Westminster said:
"I hope that you will find time as a family or as a group of friends or as a group of youngsters, to get together, to remember the stories of that weekend. Find your photographs, have another look at the DVD. Maybe you made home recordings of episodes of the Papal Visit? Maybe some of you went and travelled to these events? On this anniversary Saturday could I please ask you to delve into that memory bank and bring out those treasured memories again and enjoy them. Sit down together and have a Pope Benedict party on Saturday 17 September."

"I think this Home Mission Sunday on the anniversary of the Papal Visit is a huge opportunity for us to remember again the graces and the energy that surrounded the visit of Pope Benedict and to take fresh encouragement from that.... We need confidence, we need a renewed wind of the Holy Spirit in our backs so that we don't look down, we don't look backwards, we face the future, we face forward confident in the message that the Lord gives us, that the Holy Father affirmed within us. Now that message is essentially about our search for holiness through service of Christ, and the service of Christ and the search for holiness finds an important expression in the role that we play in our everyday lives outside of Church, in our homes, in our places of work, where with confidence we put forward the vision of faith in practice. We might not say very much a lot of the time, but we put it forward in action and when we're asked, we're ready to speak about our faith sensitively and carefully. So ‘Fresh Wind in Our Sails’ for home mission, that's our theme."


Pilgrim Memories

Reminiscences from Pilgrims.pdf 387.62 kB

A collection of memories of the Papal visit to the UK by pilgrims from around the country.