Home Mission Sunday

A yacht with sails

On Home Mission Sunday we pray for the work of evangelisation in our countries and reflect on our response to the Lord’s invitation to share our faith.

The theme this year is “Fresh Wind In Our Sails” which is what the Holy Father is reported to have said that his visit to the UK gave him. On this day we give thanks for the Pope’s visit last year but also focus on the future, reflecting on where we are being called to set sail to, reinvigorated for our ongoing missionary journey in England and Wales.

Parishes are invited to have a second collection for the work of the Home Mission Desk of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference which exists to support evangelisation nationally. The staff advise dioceses, parishes, movements and Catholic organisations and also offer a range of resources.

Please support the Home Mission Desk to help members of the Catholic community to witness more confidently to God’s love and mercy.

“What we want to do on Home Mission Sunday this year is to say to people, ‘Fill your sails again with fresh wind. Pick up that enthusiasm and excitement again and let it blow through, blow away some of the dust that has sort of settled into corners and blow away some of the tiredness and indifference and apathy that’s crept into our own lives. Fill our sails again with that confidence and joy of being a Catholic.’ And so the focus on Home Mission Sunday is not to lose that impetus.”

Bishop Kieran Conry
Arundel and Brighton
Chair of the Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis

For more information visit the Home Mission Desk


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