What Next?

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Pope Benedict’s historic visit to the UK created lifelong memories. His four-day visit was a time of grace, but one year on, the question on many people’s hearts and minds within the Catholic Community is, what next? How can we build on what was received? How can we contribute to the mission of the Church? Where do we start, how, what, why, where and when?

The Holy Father’s visit wasn’t the climax of something but a new beginning, a new opening for Christian mission in England and Wales. During the past twelve months presentations have been prepared and delivered to diocesan and deanery groups to help members of the Catholic Community to take another step in service of home mission.

The material, in summary form, can be downloaded below.

Resource One: “Fresh Wind In Our Sails”

The Holy Father said on his return to Rome that the visit to the UK gave him “fresh wind for his sails” and so it has been for many members of the Catholic community. Whatever the past has held, whatever the present challenges are, whatever your fears and concerns might be for the future, this resource visually unpacks how we can all put up afresh our sails in service of the Church’s mission.

Fresh Wind In Our Sails 3.61 MB

Resource Two: How to respond practically

Numerous materials are available to support your contribution to the legacy of the Holy Father’s visit. This resource proposes a framework on which to build your next steps and is called ‘Some Definite Purpose’. It is divided up into six themes which mirror the content of the Holy Father’s speeches and homilies: To know our purpose; To grow in confidence; To witness to our faith; To serve others; To seek and engage in dialogue; To point to the transcendent.

How to respond practically 1.90 MB

Resource Three: Resources and planning

It can sometimes be hard to know where to start in service of the Church’s mission and where to find help. Every baptised person has unique and God-given gifts and talents to share. You’re not alone as you consider your next steps. Snapshots of resources are highlighted to cover each of the six themes outlined in the presentation 3 (above). Planning suggestions are also offered.

Resources and planning 905.54 kB

Resource Four: The call to holiness

Blessed John Paul II wrote: “I have no hesitation in saying that all pastoral initiatives must be set in relation to holiness.” Novo Millennio Ineunte 30 This presentation offers material for reflection and prayer, emphasising that responding to the call to holiness is essential to Catholic mission.

The call to holiness 828.55 kB

Diary Dates

Little Way Week
1-7 October 2011

It is hoped that this initiative will encourage people to resolve to do seven small actions – one a day for a week – to witness to their faith through service. This year the initiative is being offered in support of the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the UK.

Visit the Bishops' Conference Home Mission Desk

“Crossing The Threshold”
Resources days for ministry and outreach to non churchgoing Catholics

It is estimated that two-thirds of the Catholic community are non churchgoing. in England and Wales. starting on 12th November 2011 in York, five days are being offered to cover each Province. Everyone is welcome.

To find out more see the Home Mission Diary.

Home Mission Timetable 2012 1.06 MB