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We've created a number of social media channels for you to follow Pope Benedict's visit to the UK.

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We've started a twitter feed to let you know what's new on We're also re-tweeting things we like relating to Pope Benedict's visit later this year.

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Do you have a facebook account? If so, why not visit our Papal Visit page? Over 1,000 people say they like what they see. Maybe you will as well.

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Like getting your news by subscribing to RSS? All our press releases and news can be found on our RSS feed.

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We love decent pictures and we're currently sharing ours on Flickr. We have two photostreams, one for the Catholic Church in England and Wales and one for the Papal Visit to the UK.

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Do you have your own Flickr account? If so, you can join our Flickr group and contribute to the pool of photos. Why not share pictures from Rome, World Youth Days or maybe images showing how you're preparing for the visit.

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As we get closer to the September visit, we'll be uploading videos to our Vimeo channel.

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