Accessibility Information for Events

Archbishop Nichols Welcome

People with disabilities belong at the heart of this body which is the Church and today we are thankful for the life of a man who reminded us that it is when heart reaches out to heart that we truly become brothers and sisters of each other. We have done our best to provide you with the information and advice that you may need concerning access to the event. We hope this information will help you to really enjoy your day. We have ensured that if you are not able to attend the events, materials are available to you so that you can share with us from your own home. Many blessing Vincent Nichols.

Acknowledgement of Thanks

Mag Ray Services

We would like to thank Mag Ray services for the production of the Braille transcribes for the papal events. Their immense generosity of time and the professional production of resources, has been invaluable. To find out more about margay services go to 'MagRay Document Services : website’

Acknowledgement of Thanks

Widgit Symbols

We would like to thank widgit software for their immense generosity in allowing us to produce the symbols resources as free downloads for the Papal events. We would like to acknowledge and thank them for their professional and invaluable support ‘. For more information about widgit go to;