St Ninian's Day Parade

21/07/2010 12:45 pm

Scottish flag

A St Ninian's Day Parade has been organised through the streets of Edinburgh to mark the historic occasion of Pope Benedict XVI's arrival in the UK.

The crowds will be able to welcome the Holy Father to Scotland on 16 September and the Parade aims to be joyous, inclusive and charitable.

Schools and community groups have been invited to help line the route – where thousands of Saltires (the cross of St Andrew) will be given out to help create a sea of blue.

Spectators are invited to line the route along Regent Road, Waterloo Place and Princes Street.

St Ninian is a saint held in common by all Scottish Christians and, indeed, by all Scots. That's why the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, asked the question earlier this year: "Why don't we resurrect the great festivities that used to surround St Ninian's Day in this country? A grand Scottish spectacle to welcome Benedict XVI."

Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien hopes the Parade will be:

Joyous - creating a truly memorable day for all who attend.
Charitable - raising money for good causes, both at home and abroad.
Inclusive - welcoming to everybody regardless of religion.

The St Ninian's Day Parade will begin around 11am and will consist of:

Our VIPs - children from Scottish schools called St Ninian.
Top Pipe Bands from around Scotland.
Historical characters from 1600 years of Christian history.
St Ninian himself led by his guard of honour.


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