Youth Vigil at Westminster Cathedral


On Saturday 18 September, Mass will be celebrated at Westminster Cathedral. A number of young people will be inside the Cathedral. Outside, and also participating in the Mass, the Cathedral Piazza will be full of 2,500 young people predominantly aged 16 – 20. These will represent one from every parish in England and Wales, a contingent from Scotland, and groups of active young volunteers from the organisations CAFOD, YCW, Youth 2000, Pax Christi, Catholic Scouting, HCPT, Sion, the Salesians, Jesuit Young Adult Ministries, Just Youth, and Youth SVP. During the Mass a new national symbol for youth ministry will be presented. At the end of Mass Pope Benedict will come down the length of the Cathedral to the steps which lead into the Piazza. There he will greet the assembled young people, and offer them his blessing.

In England and Wales the organisation which brings together all those working with young people in a Catholic context is CYMFed, the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation. Several thousand young people of England and Wales travelled to World Youth Days to be with the Pope in Cologne and Sydney, and it will be a great privilege for them to welcome the Holy Father to Britain.