Some Definite Purpose

When the Holy Father was asked about his visit to the UK he said that it gave him, ‘fresh wind for his sails’; these words most likely apply to a large proportion of the Catholic Community in England and Wales as well. In whatever way you participated, whether by watching it on television or attending an event, we all witnessed and contributed to one of the most incredible home mission opportunities in British history. But what now?


A Year with the Holy Father

To support the ongoing legacy of the Pope’s visit to the UK, the following resource sheets have been created to encourage people to continue to read and reflect on their response to the Holy Father's historic visit.

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Six Mission Priorities

Since the Pope’s visit a great deal of reflection and prayer has gone into supporting the legacy, mindful that in his various speeches, homilies and addresses, the Holy Father very clearly presented to us all ‘Some Definite Purpose’, not just for 2011, but for many years ahead.

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