Papal Visit “something beyond words”

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Archbishop Vincent Nichols has praised Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK as “something beyond words”.

In a special video reflection, the Archbishop of Westminster spoke enthusiastically about the four days of “joy and happiness” and highlighted some of the Holy Father’s key messages:

“He said to us: ‘Be witnesses to the beauty of holiness, the splendour of the truth and the joy and freedom born of a relationship with Christ’. That’s the sentence I suggest we ponder as a great gift from the Holy Father – the beauty of Holiness – that’s the holiness of God that can be born in us when we’re open to the mystery of God.”

Archbishop Nichols goes on to discuss the Hyde Park evening Vigil as a profound, grace-filled occasion:

“I can never forget that sense of 80-90,000 people in total silence in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in Hyde Park. It was something beyond words – the fruit of a lot of prayer and a moment of profound grace. It shows the beauty of holiness.”

The Archbishop, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, encouraged Catholics to be inspired by Pope Benedict’s visit to be more confident in their faith:

“Let it show. Wish people God Bless at the end of a conversation. Offer to pray for them – especially if they’re having a hard time, and don’t be afraid to use the signs of faith like a simple sign of the Cross at home at the beginning and end of the day with those you live with – those in your family.”