This page contains a small selection of Saints from Scotland, providing information on each given.

St Andrew

Apostle and martyr, brother of St Peter, patron of Scotland since the middle of the tenth century.

St Margaret of Scotland

Margaret was born in 1046 and was a member of an ancient English royal family. She was a direct descendant of King Alfred and was the granddaughter of King Edmund Ironside of England through his son Edward. Patroness of Scotland, alongside St Andrew.

St John Ogilvie, (1579 – 10 March 1615).

As a martyr of the Counter-Reformation he was beatified in 1929 and canonised in 1976. He is the only post-Reformation saint from Scotland.

St John Duns Scotus – (c. 1265 – November 8, 1308)

Was one of the more important theologians and philosophers of the High Middle Ages. He developed a complex argument for the existence of God, and argued for the Immaculate Conception of Mary.