What is a Saint?

Information about saints - what is a saint? How many are there? What qualities does a saint have? We also cover issues of idolatry and more.

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Definitions of a Saint

There are many definitions of a Saint. Here you will find six definitions.

How Many Saints Are There?

Because the Church shows no true distinction between the living and the dead (the saints are considered to be alive in Heaven), saints are referred to as if they were still alive.

Qualities of Saints

Holiness is not exclusive to the Catholic Church. Many cultures and religious traditions have their holy people whom they might or might not call saints.

Do Catholics Pray to Saints?

We pray with saints, not to them. Since saints led holy lives and are close to God in heaven, we feel that their prayers are particularly effective.

Is Keeping Statues or Pictures of Saints Idolatry?

We carry photos to remind us of people we love, to help us feel that they're close when we're not together, or to share with people we meet.