Day Three

London was the city hosting the memorable Day Three events of Benedict XVI's visit to the UK culminating in a vigil of prayer with Benediction in Hyde Park.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

On the third day of the visit, Pope Benedict celebrated Mass in Westminster Cathedral where he also greeted the people of Wales. At the end of Mass, the Holy Father spent some time with over 2,500 young people gathered in the Piazza to welcome him. Later in the day he visited St Peter’s Residential Home for the elderly in Vauxhall, giving the Pope an opportunity to go to those who could not meet with him. The day concluded with a memorable open-air vigil of prayer with Benediction in London’s Hyde Park.

Archbishop Nichols' Welcome Address

"Today we are full of joy that you lead us in the celebration of the Holy Mass in this Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood of our Saviour. We come to Him because we know we stand in need of His forgiveness and healing."

Pope Benedict's Westminster Cathedral Homily

"One of the greatest challenges facing us today is how to speak convincingly of the wisdom and liberating power of God’s word to a world which all too often sees the Gospel as a constriction of human freedom, instead of the truth which liberates our minds and enlightens our efforts to live wisely and well."

Welcome to Pope Benedict XVI on behalf of the young people

"[Young people] help in Confirmation sessions, parish music groups, youth groups, and projects serving those who are disadvantaged. We are a truly living Church that offers great opportunities for young people to encounter the love of Christ and share it."

Pope Benedict's Message to Young People

"I ask each of you first and foremost to look into your own heart, think of all the love that your heart was made to receive, and also love it is meant to give, after all we were made for love."

Bishop Regan's Welcome to Pope Benedict from the People of Wales

"On behalf of the Catholics of Wales, and of Wales itself, I am immensely privileged to offer you our most sincere sentiments of loving respect and deep appreciation of all that you do for the building of God’s Kingdom on earth."

Pope Benedict XVI's Message to the Faithful of Wales

"Through the ages the Welsh people have been distinguished for their devotion to the Mother of God; this is evidenced by the innumerable places in Wales called “Llanfair” – Mary’s Church."

Sr Marie Claire Brennan Welcomes the Pope to St Peter’s

"It is in visiting your elderly brothers and sisters that you bear special witness to the immeasurable love of the Heart of Jesus for some of the most vulnerable and often frail members of today’s society."

Mrs Fasky's Welcome to Pope Benedict

"We always listen for your words of encouragement to the elderly all over the world. They are a great source of comfort and inspiration."

Holy Father's Address to Safeguarding Professionals

"It is deplorable that, in such marked contrast to the Church’s long tradition of care for them, children have suffered abuse and mistreatment at the hands of some priests and religious. We have all become much more aware of the need to safeguard children, and you are an important part of the Church’s broad-ranging response to the problem."

Pope Benedict's Address to St Peter's Residents and Staff

"Every generation can learn from the experience and wisdom of the generation that preceded it. Indeed the provision of care for the elderly should be considered not so much an act of generosity as the repayment of a debt of gratitude."

Archbishop Peter Smith Welcomes the Holy Father to Hyde Park

"We have come from all over Britain to share this historic moment with you, and to celebrate and rejoice in the truth that God loves every human being unconditionally, irrespective of race, colour or creed. With you this evening we witness to the joy of being a follower of Jesus Christ, the light of the world, who stands at the door of every heart patiently waiting to be let in."

Pope Benedict XVI's Hyde Park Vigil Address

"Without the life of prayer, without the interior transformation which takes place through the grace of the sacraments, we cannot, in Newman’s words, 'radiate Christ'; we become just another 'clashing cymbal' (1 Cor 13:1) in a world filled with growing noise and confusion, filled with false paths leading only to heartbreak and illusion."

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Day Three - 18 September 2010