Popemobile Routes

At certain times during his visit to the UK Benedict XVI used the popemobile to travel through the streets of Edinburgh, London and Birmingham.

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Thursday 16 September, Edinburgh

At 12.30pm Pope Benedict XVI travelled in the popemobile from Holyrood Palace along Abbeyhill, Regent Road, Princes Street, Lothian Road, Tollcross and Morningside to the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh’s official residence.

Friday 17 September, London

At 5pm Pope Benedict travelled in the popemobile from Lambeth Palace across Lambeth Bridge and along Millbank, arriving at the Palace of Westminster at around 17:15.

Saturday 18 September, London

At 6pm Pope Benedict travelled in the popemobile along Horse Guards Road, The Mall, Constitution Hill and Hyde Park Corner before arriving at Hyde Park for the evening Prayer Vigil and Benediction.

Sunday 19 September, Birmingham

Pope Benedict travelled in the popemobile along a stretch of the Hagley Road to allow an additional opportunity to see him during his visit to Birmingham on the final day of the visit.

Prior to the visit, the now Cardinal Archbishop Vincent Nichols spoke about some of the Holy Father’s visits:

“From this country’s point of view there are profound historic and cultural implications and ramifications for the visit. And I suspect that these will be conveyed as much in the images as in some of the speeches and the words. So the image of Her Majesty The Queen welcoming Pope Benedict and formally greeting each other is one that will resonate through the story of this land. When the Pope enters Westminster Hall on the Friday to address politicians, diplomats, leaders of this society, that will be another very historic and resonant moment. The Pope will pause at the spot at which Saint Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor of England, was condemned to death in 1535 for his Catholic faith.”

“He will also, with the Archbishop of Canterbury, go to pray at the tomb of St Edward the Confessor, the canonised King of England, the founder of Westminster Abbey. And that too will enable us, as it were, to reach back into the deeper roots of who this nation is, who we are, and what our cultural roots are, and how refreshing they can be when they are seen to be a living source of inspiration for people today. And I think the fact that the Pope will also meet with leaders of society, who are men and women of all the different faiths present in this country, will also be a moment in which the Pope affirms the role of the breadth of faith in God as found here as a contributor to the common good.”

The Metropolitan Police said at the time:

“While security issues will be paramount, the Met Police is working with HM Government, event organisers and other partners to ensure routes for the popemobile are designed with the aim of affording the public the best possible opportunity of seeing Pope Benedict. Those wishing to see the Pope are advised to plan their trips well in advance and head for the central London Popemobile routes to avoid disappointment.”