Pope John Paul II flew from Scotland to Cardiff to conclude his time in Britain, kissing the tarmac as he landed on Welsh soil.

The then Archbishop of Cardiff, the Most Rev John Murphy, met the Pope and accompanied him to Pontcanna Fields to celebrate Mass and First Holy Communions. The Holy Father delivered a small part of his homily in Welsh and said: “I would like to speak to these little ones who are about to receive Holy Communion for the first time. Dear children: Jesus is coming to you in a new way today, in a special way. He wants to live in you. He wants to speak to you in your heart. He wants to be with you all through your day.” The afternoon’s programme took Pope John Paul II to Ninian Park in Cardiff for a National Youth Rally where he was greeted by over 35,000 young people. He said to them: “As my visit to Britain draws to an end, I am happy that this last meeting is with you, the youth of England and Wales, you who are the hope of tomorrow…. Through prayer you will possess Christ and be able to communicate him to others. And this is the greatest contribution you can make in your lives: to communicate Christ to the world.”

Holy Mass Cardiff

Pope John Paul II greets the people of Wales for the first time in their own beautiful land.

Farewell Cermony Cardiff Airport

Pope John Paul II bids farewell to the people of England, Scotland and Wales as he leaves the UK at Cardiff airport.

Pope John Paul II speaks to young people at Ninian Park, Cardiff

"My dear young people, it is through prayer that Jesus leads us to his Father. It is in prayer that the Holy Spirit transforms our lives."