By John Henry Newman

A chronological list of books written by John Henry Cardinal Newman, and links to his writings online.

Books by John Henry Newman

(abbreviated titles are used)

1801-1845 Anglican Period

  • Arians of the Fourth Century (1833)
  • Tracts for the Times (1833-1841)
  • On the Prophetical Office of the Church (1837, 1877 with ‘Preface to the Third Edition’)
  • Lectures on Justification (1838)
  • Parochial and Plain Sermons Vols 1-8 (1834-43)
  • Lives of the English Saints (1843-4)
  • Essays on Miracles (combines two works of 1826 and 1843)
  • Oxford University Sermons (1843)
  • Sermons on Subjects of the Day (1843)
  • Development of Christian Doctrine (1845)
  • Retractation of Anti-Catholic Statements (1845)
  • Other collections of Anglican works: in Via Media, Volume 2 (1883)

1845 – 1890 Catholic Period

  • Loss and Gain: the Story of a Convert (1848)
  • Discourses to Mixed Congregations (1849)
  • Difficulties felt by Anglicans in Catholic Teaching (1850)
  • Present Position of Catholics in England (1851)
  • Idea of a University (combines two works of 1852 and 1858)
  • Callista: a Tale of the Third Century (1855)
  • On Consulting the Faithful in Matters of Doctrine (1859)
  • Apologia pro Vita Sua (1864; 1865 is the edition normally used)
  • Letter to Dr. Pusey [on the Blessed Virgin Mary] (1865)
  • The Dream of Gerontius (1865)
  • Grammar of Assent (1870)
  • Sermons Preached on Various Occasions (1874)
  • Letter to the Duke of Norfolk (1875)
  • Five Letters [on the Catholic Church] (1875)
  • Sermon Notes 1849-1878 (1913)
  • Select Treatises of St. Athanasius (1887)
  • On the Inspiration of Scripture (1884)
  • Development of Religious Error (1885)
  • Meditations and Devotions (1893)
  • Addresses to Cardinal Newman and His Replies (1905)
  • (including the ‘Biglietto Speech’ of 1879)

Other Miscellaneous Works

  • Articles in the British Critic (1836-1842)
  • Discussions and Arguments (1872)
  • Essays Critical and Historical 2 volumes (1871)
  • Historical Sketches 3 volumes (1872-3) – Volume 2 contains the ‘Church of the Fathers’
  • Historical Tracts of St. Athanasius (1843)
  • Tracts Theological and Ecclesiastical (1871)
  • Verses on Various Occasions (1867)
  • Sayings of Cardinal Newman (undated)

Other posthumously published works

  • Faith and Prejudice and Other Sermons (1956)
  • John Henry Newman: Autobiographical Writings (ed. Henry Tristram) (Sheed & Ward, 1956)
  • On the Inspiration of Scripture (eds J. Derek Holmes and Robert Murray) (Geoffrey Chapman, 1967)
  • The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman, Volumes I-XXXII (ed. C. S. Dessain et al) (Oxford University Press and Thomas Nelson, 1961-2008)
  • The Philosophical Notebook of John Henry Newman Vol. 2 (ed. Edward Sillem) (Nauwelaerts, 1970)
  • The Theological Papers of John Henry Newman on Faith and Certainty (eds Hugo M. de Achaval & J. Derek Holmes) (Clarendon Press, 1976)
  • The Theological Papers of John Henry Newman on Biblical Inspiration and on Infallibility (ed. J. Derek Holmes) (Clarendon Press, 1979)
  • Newman the Oratorian: His Unpublished Oratory Papers (ed. Placid Murray) (second edition 1980; republished by Gracewing, 2004)
  • John Henry Newman, [Unpublished] Sermons 1824-43 Volumes 1-3 (ed. Frank McGrath et al) (Oxford University Press, 1991-)

Selections from Newman’s Writing

  • W. S. Lilly (ed.), Characteristics From the Writings of John Henry Newman (reprinted: Bibliobazaar, 2009). Click here to find this book on Amazon.
  • Philip Boyce (ed.), Mary: The Virgin Mary in the Life and Writings of John Henry Newman (Gracewing, 2001). Click here to find this book on Amazon.
  • Ian Ker (ed.), John Henry Newman: Selected Sermons (Paulist Press, 2005). Click here to find this book on Amazon.
  • John Hulsman (ed.), John Henry Newman: The Rule of our Warfare (Sceptre, 2003). Click here to find this book on Scepter Publishers.
  • C. S. Dessain (ed.), The Mind of Cardinal Newman (Catholic Truth Society, 2005). Click here to find this book on CTS Online.
  • Lewis Berry (ed.), John Henry Cardinal Newman: In My Own Words (Liguori Publications, due for publication in September 2010). Click here to find this book on Amazon.
  • Erich Przywara, The Heart of Newman (Ignatius Press, due to be republished in September 2010)
  • Newman Prayer Book (Catholic Truth Society, 2010). Click here to find this book on CTS Online.